3dasd #

Welcome to, home for a fully open-source DIY room-scale 3D scanner!

No longer maintained
I’m not maintaining this site and this whole project anymore. If you happen to have any questions, you can still reach me via the contacts though.

What’s this all about? #

This site is here to help you build a room-scale 3D scanner like this:

Who is this for? #

The goal is to make this as accessible as possible! However, at this point you need to have access to a 3D printer, do some very basic soldering and assemble a few cables (JST connectors).

Everything you see is open-source and free (as in free beer and free speech). I’m more than happy to hear your ideas and incorporate your feedback. Shoot me an email or find me on Discord, open a GitHub issue or pull-request! Get involved! (;

Is it any good? #

Yes! Well, okay, it depends. (:

This is not a production-grade scanner, it’s way too slow, loud and just not accurate enough for most real-world applications. It could be a great entry into the world of 3D scanning though.

Check out the examples page for scans taken with the scanner.

Is it expensive? #

It tries not to be. (:

Prices will depend on a lot of factors. Do you 3d-print your own pieces? Where do you order the electronic components from? Do you trust the cheapest modules? Do you get in contact with me so I can send you a leftover PCB? (;

A very-very rough estimate would be around 350 USD with the bulk of it being the LIDAR sensor.

Acknowledgements #

This project started off as the combination of these Youtube videos: